>> Saturday, April 7

I've taken my love for photography a click further.
Among my friends and I, when two or more are gathered in the name of
stills and smiles and digital files,


Denim Shack!

>> Thursday, January 12

If you or anyone you know are SERIOUS denim aficionados then you HAVE TO visit:


This site sells everything denim and it highlights some rare , hard-to-find items as well.

Denimshack even offers to find pieces for clients from shoes to bags to apparel and, of course, denims! Check out this site or email denimshack at shack.denim@gmail.com for queries. =)


Who I am

>> Tuesday, January 3

I am a Poem

Tempered and true

You are my words

When I think of you

I am a Poem

Fluid and Frost

Dreams to be dreamt of

Lostest when lost.

I am a Poem

Screaming and hushed

Speaking too loudly

Silent when crushed

I am a Poem

Flying and free

Sings to be sung to

All is of me

I am a Poem

The round in the rings

The smile in your photos

The M in most things

I am a Poem

Erato and Blame

Facade to your faces

…This be my name

Caballero, M. I Am A Poem © 2011 Photo by Shoot! © 2011


I asked

>> Thursday, June 2

I asked the Lord for love today

I came across just that

Yet recklessly I questioned and

Groused loud of what I lacked.

I asked the Lord for guidance then

Boundlessly He gave

Yet ceaseless as His blessings were,

I constantly complained.

I asked the Lord for happiness

I was awed by what I found…

Despite my being discontent

His wonders were abound

I asked myself

What’s wrong with me?

Dear Lord, what should I do?

He said to fill the chasm, child,

Learn to give enough of you.

Caballero, M. Handful of Heaven © 2000 Photo by MCB © 2011


A glimpse of a nymph in solitude

>> Tuesday, May 24

“I sit here on top of this turning world
wond'rin' what to do
I feel like the smallest,
saddest girl...
away from you"

Caballero.M Handful of Heaven © 2000 Photo by J. Baluyut for Shoot! © 2011


Rhymes II

>> Tuesday, March 15

...of rain and rainbows,

days and nights

stars in heaven,

birds at flight...

…of realms and rhymes,

queens and kings,

complex wishes,

simple things…

…of sights, feelings,

scents and sounds,

weigh your thoughts,

you’re on holy ground…

Caballero, M. Handful Of Heaven © 2000 Photo by MCB © 2011 for Shoot!



Feel like having some good & tasty Tapsilog? (that's tapa (thin marinated beef slices), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried eggs) to the unaware)=) ...It pretty much started off as a breakfast staple in many Manila hole-in-the-walls but it has, for some time now, been present even in lunch and dinner menus around the metro. Here, we have for you one of the best places to sample the famous tapsilog. And it sits in the country's most renowned campus: the University of the Philippines in Diliman.
UP's oblation staring at a half moon

...the joint is called Rodic's. Located at the shopping center of UP Diliman, it is the only place in manila that serves shredded beef tapa which gives them that noticeable edge over the usual tapsilogans around. The place is a staple among UP students and is frequented also by nearby office workers, residents and famous local celebs, even. They've actually been featured in many TV magazine shows comparing them to other tapsi hotspots and so far, they're the tapsilog place of choice according to most (if not all) the shows we've seen. Dining here would cost you about Php 75-100 per person.

My hubby and I always accompany our Rodic's tapsilogs with their yummy sinigang na baboy (tender pork in tamarind soup). My personal favorite. =) But take note that the sinigang should be available everyday except on fridays.

Sinigang na baboy

Manage your expectations, though, when it comes to this small restaurant's overall look and feel. It's a literal hole-in-the-wall that could benefit from a major make over or just plain "serious" maintenance. If you're not that finicky then dine in. If you're bothered by a cramped, super small students cafeteria ambience then order take out. They also deliver so that's an option. Give them a shot if it's a hearty, budget-friendly tapsilog meal you're after. That's just what you'll get. ;-)

Remember, there's no room @ Rodic's for the hypercritical and fussy eaters! Bring only your indiscriminating selves and enjoy! =)


Facaderato for Kids

>> Tuesday, December 28

Ending the year with babies! Visit Facaderato to view our latest collection of images

featuring a much enjoyed baptism coverage and our first-ever informal baby portrait sitting. =)

A blessed 2011 to everyone!


>> Thursday, December 16


First Freds

>> Thursday, November 25

Click on --> Fred Perry.com <-- for your kids' first Freds!


The Essence of Jo Malone at Harlan's & H One

>> Monday, October 18


Fred Perry - Amy Winehouse collaboration!

>> Friday, October 8

Click on the title above to register your interest.



>> Friday, September 24

Check out http://www.facaderato.blogspot.com to view

the latest images from the FacadErato collection


Fred Perry for kids!

Click on the image above or visit fredperry.com/kids
to view the Autumn 10 Fred Perry Kidswear


Mobile upload

>> Monday, August 9

My Swarovski crystal blender poses as subject of the day.
as macro as my iphone camera would go

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