Denim Shack!

>> Thursday, January 12

If you or anyone you know are SERIOUS denim aficionados then you HAVE TO visit:

This site sells everything denim and it highlights some rare , hard-to-find items as well.

Denimshack even offers to find pieces for clients from shoes to bags to apparel and, of course, denims! Check out this site or email denimshack at for queries. =)


Who I am

>> Tuesday, January 3

I am a Poem

Tempered and true

You are my words

When I think of you

I am a Poem

Fluid and Frost

Dreams to be dreamt of

Lostest when lost.

I am a Poem

Screaming and hushed

Speaking too loudly

Silent when crushed

I am a Poem

Flying and free

Sings to be sung to

All is of me

I am a Poem

The round in the rings

The smile in your photos

The M in most things

I am a Poem

Erato and Blame

Facade to your faces

…This be my name

Caballero, M. I Am A Poem © 2011 Photo by Shoot! © 2011

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