UN's best poem

>> Friday, November 28

A friend emailed this to me today :)
This poem was nominated by the United Nations as the best poem of 2008,
it was written by an African Kid

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray

And you calling me colored?



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James Blunt


James Blunt's 'All The Lost Souls Deluxe Edition' is in stores now!

Available as CD (plus bonus DVD) and digital download, the deluxe edition enhances the multi-platinum original with four new tracks:

Brand new single 'Love, Love, Love' plus three live favourites - Peter Bjorn & John's 'Young Folks', Slade's 'Cuz I Love You' and Supertramp's 'Breakfast In America'.

The accompanying DVD features videos and 'making-of' documentaries for each single ('1973', 'Same Mistake', 'Carry You Home' & 'I Really Want You'), as well as rare live performances:

• 'Live From Abbey Road' Session: '1973', 'I'll Take Everything', 'Same Mistake'
• Paris, M6 TV Session: 'You're Beautiful', 'Goodbye My Lover'
• Ibiza, Album Launch: 'Wisemen', 'One Of The Brightest Stars'
• Sydney, Opera House: 'Carry You Home'

The DVD also features 'Return to Kosovo' – a James Blunt documentary directed by Academy
Award nominee Steven Cantor – a T5M interview special, and the video for Sinik's 'Je Realise' (ft. James Blunt).

The iTunes download includes 6-track iTunes Live EP recorded at Koko earlier in the year.

Head down to your local music store to pick up a copy today!


Twilight The Movie

>> Wednesday, November 26

I saw Twilight Tuesday night at a cinema packed with "Twilighters", I believe. It was apparent from the time Robert Pattinson's (Edward, lead vampire) character was introduced. His family's super pale-faced cafeteria entrance generated a lot of "oohs" and "aahhs" from the audience...it was hard to ignore.

It's a modern day love story between a vampire and a human. A teen flick, if I might say so, with an anatomy resembling numerous teen cult classics that've come before it. No elements were left out: School cafeteria gossips and groupings, parking lot stare downs, prom night preps and date hunts, friends getting together by the beach, class field trips, (cool) family baseball game time, boyfriend entering through the bedroom window, teenage angst caused by parents' divorce, head of police for a dad, did I mention prom night...?

Have you seen Pretty in Pink? How about Underworld? Hybridize those two together, add a hint of Addams Family and any movie with a father and "hurting" daughter tandem and you've got Twilight. I haven't read the book so I couldn't do a comparison... but overall it was OK, not spectacularly so, but it worked. It isn't as forgettable as some critics suggested it would be. I wouldn't mind seeing it again, actually. My fingers are crossed that Kristen Stewart's (Bella) acting will have improved by the time I go view the film again. A lot will disagree with me there. I, however, remain half an inch short of being a fan of her acting (only in that particular film, ya) hehehe

Now go see it with your friends (it's a good date movie too) and grab a CD of the sound track! I promise you'll love it. (Dear Freeloaders, do the record label a favor and BUY yourself a copy of the OST already ;p)


Twilight OST

>> Sunday, November 23

Jquai and I will be at the premiere this week...
I hear the movie caters to tweens with raging hormones...
guess this means my hubby's going to love it. hahaha

Twilight OST

165,000 copies sold in the US alone within the first week of its release (!)... this cd of "tunes to suck blood by" is fast becoming the season's top music must-have. Grab a copy now, Atlantic Records' Twilight OST is available locally under Warner Music. (WMP or silence, baby!)


Jason Mraz

>> Saturday, November 22

The evening of December 11th will see Jason Mraz perform in honour of Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari at the prestigious 15th Annual Peace Prize Concert being held in Oslo's Spektrum Arena. It is to be hosted by Michael Caine and Scarlett Johannson and will also feature performances from world renowned artists including Diana Ross, Robyn, Il Divo, Dierks Bentley, Julieta Venegas, Seun Kuti and Marit Larsen.

For more information on both the Concert and the Nobel Peace Prize, visit http://www.nobelpeaceprize.org/concert


Jason's album We sing, we dance, we steal things. includes the charming & pleasantly lightweight tracks ''Live High'' and ''Make It Mine''. On repeat in my head is the playfully scatty ''I'm Yours''...

Watch out for his latest single ''Lucky,'' Mraz's duet with Colbie Caillat, which is sure to generate swoons well into the summer of next year. It is, afterall, an album fit for the beach :)

We sing, we dance, we steal things. is available under Atlantic Records / Warner Music Philippines.


Always a Yes, Neverfull

>> Thursday, November 20

Happy umptieth November TME!

...in the womb
...the placenta? hahaha

baby "Neve" --born Nov. 19, 2008

Neve's first black & white portrait
Thank you, my lovely! :)


Quaint and Lovely

Quaint and lovely my baby be
Sweet and gorgeous and calm is he
Brown as earth are his perfect eyes
He sings the gentlest lullabies

His laugh fills full my hollow heart
From his cherry lips I would never part
His sweetest kiss is breath to me
My death comes the day this has ceased to be

"Hush!" to the girls who could have him not
His mushroom fits two and that is that!
His cradling arms claim but one -- that's me
I'll damage the face that just won't let him be!

As quaint and lovely my baby be
The sweetest, most gorgeous one is he
With passion so great stare my eyes that do see
How lovely indeed - my baby be.

Caballero, M. "Quaint and Lovely". Handful of Heaven © 2000


My Sky

Draw closer,
Precious light
With whom I'm safely undisturbed
You have to know that in my sight
You're the moonlit heaven of my world

Stay with me,
Sweet graceful friend
And with me gaze at the stars above
See just where my rainbows end --
In the dim-lit eyes of the YOU I love.

Caballero, M. "My Sky". Handful of Heaven © 2000


Stars In The Basket

Hand crafted and carved are his deepest emotions
nailed strong to a mind that has weathered some storms
Afloat by the shores of her unfeeling ocean
He's a struggling survivor of the sadness she forms

Their soulful encounters turn cold in an instant
Enraged by the ways of his spirit-dead world
Whatever was real now is no longer potent
as she questions the "whys" and the "what's" in his words

His words -- dangerously spoken in thoughtless endeavor
Said hard by a heart that has meant her no wrong
Yet time and again, into fault-finding fervor
comes "love" -- hideous and dark, in the words of their song

They lived, for the shortest of moments and the slightest of days
Held on to weak feelings from well-strung guitars
As they desperately try to find love in their ways
they had emptied their heaven, gained a basket of stars

They both search their basket for the bluest of skies
Finding reasons to anchor their ride from the waves
Waves brought about by their saddest good byes
And they lose exactly what they were trying to save

Yet they lived...

for the shortest of moments and the slightest of days
Held on to a thread hanging loosely on farce
As love somewhat vowed to stay out of their case
In their handful of heaven, sleeps a basket of stars

Caballero, M. "Stars in the basket". Handful of Heaven © 2000


Kiss The Quiet

Kiss the quiet goodbye. Goodbye.
Show the laughter back in. Again.
We frolic in days we are happiest
And it's fun to forget to remember when...

...We shook ill quiet's pallid hand
We showed sad sadness in each day
Look now, we run freely among the glad
We struggled along but we found our way

Welcome the silence that screams, real loud
Blissfully yelling from heart to heart
With joy overflowing, we walk. We run.
We'll be wining, dining, in love's a la carte

We shall bask in the sun of kind hellos

We will never again in sorrow cry
In most grateful prayer, we vow to pause
And we'll kiss the quiet goodbye.


Caballero, M. "Kiss the Quiet". Handful of Heaven © 2000


February Saint

Days amazed this scorpion's gaze
All in one November coming
Of time and age and 2K pace
Came my one most brilliant calling

His name be laughter, mirth or rain
From a February morning
True to like, my fondness gained
This stunned stinger's left here singing

Song be wrong if it's not from Jim
If it's for a different dreamer
November gave December's whim
See we're still quite glued together

Grip to grip, we board the ship
Set a-sail for glorious waters
And year-to-year we're living clear
With the Lord of Love's own letters

Blessed be birthdays, love and love
Blessed be me with rain
I thank the splendid moon above
For my February Saint

Caballero, M. "February Saint". Handful of Heaven © 2000


Roll like a Rock Star

>> Wednesday, November 12


Inspired by the brand's AW08 collection modelled around the concept of a Great British Getaway, this opportunity to live the life of a rock god for a weekend is available to all. Simply go to www.greatbritishgetaway.net for details of free entry! Check out the itinerary below for a taster of what you could be letting you in for;


Friday am- fly into London Meet your driver and paparazzi-dodge your way to Browns Hotel in the heart of Mayfair.

Friday pm- Rev up for dinner at exclusive a-lister hub Claridges. Get stuck into some serious after hours partying at Camden landmark Proud; VIP style of course.

Saturday am- Recover whilst mulling over the mammoth shopping spree which awaits you at Ben Sherman's landmark Carnaby Street store.

Sat pm- Grab lunch and clamber aboard your chauffered 4x4, scheduled to whisk you across to a mystery country retreat. Fancy a Spa treatment before dinner, why not?

Sun- Spend your day of rest trying your hand at some quintessential British sporting activities: Clay pigeon shooting, falconry, fly fishing, archery to name but a few...

And don't forget, should you have been clever enough to invest in some Ben Sherman clobber from 6th October onwards, you'll have received your free music download voucher (while stocks last) which provides the perfect soundtrack to your VIP weekend. Go to http://www.thegreatbritishgetaway.net/ to redeem.

See http://www.thegreatbritishgetaway.net/ for terms and conditions.


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de rigueur.. hahaha


Recipes by Cafe Metro

>> Monday, November 10

We've been patrons of Recipes since the start of 2000, I think, back when Jquai and I were still dating... still eating beef and pork... and still loving white rice. Our must-haves then consisted of the laing, crispy tilapia, lechon kawali, korean beef stew, garlic fried rice, bottomless iced tea or ripe mango shake and banana fritters. It's been almost 9 years now and even after turning whole wheaters and anti white food lobbyists (with exceptions to white chicken, turkey & duck meat), we still frequent this restaurant. We've dined at their Mega Mall, Trinoma, and Greenbelt branches (I know I'm forgetting a couple of locations I'm sure we've visited) with each dining experience constantly meeting our expectations.

Now, however, our list no longer includes the lechon kawali, korean beef stew and fried rice-- they've been replaced by the tender spicy squid and perfectly crunchy general's chicken, no rice. And when laing's not available, we can make do with the gising-gising. But in my opinion, it couldn't outshine the laing if you placed 3 spot lights on top of it.
Recipes is all about "home cooked" flavors. Their uncomplicated viands make for effortless gastronomic satisfaction. All you have to do is sit, order, wait, eat, enjoy. Here' s few of our favourites at Recipes:

Crispy Tilapia

This Tilapia (or St. Peter's fish) dish is the most famous of Recipes' offerings. True to its name, it is delightfully crispy and when eaten with the accompanying vinegar-soy sauce concoction, it can become an easy addiction.


The crispy Tilapia should not be eaten without the Laing. Their recipe for this well known Filipino dish may not be the best I've tasted, but it is nonetheless good and it brilliantly complements the crispy tilapia in every divine bite. When at Recipes, I always order this.

Spicy Squid

It isn't that spicy unless requested I guess. It's a blend of sweet and sour and spicy that make the dish balance out the flavors of the crispy fish and the laing. They are done tender and easy enough to slice through

General's chicken

I love this dish. The crunchiness of the batter -- the type of crunch that's just right and not hard at all on the teeth and gums-- is a welcome bonus. It has a sweet barbecued flavor about it that almost makes it taste like the famous bufallo wings of another famous joint.

Their servings at Recipes aren't that big though. Most of their dishes are good for just two people and sometimes I can even finish an entire crispy tilapia and an order of laing by myself! And I shouldn't forget -- their main courses / specialties are best enjoyed with rice unless, of course, we share the same eating habits, which i doubt... :)

End your meal with the banana fritters (bananas rolled up in crunchy lumpia wrapper topped with vanilla ice cream)-- yummy! Or try their other delicious desserts... just because.


Sandy's Pizza

>> Wednesday, November 5

Dinner. My Jquai and I binged, alfresco, on an 18-inch pizza masterpiece, half of which was done "White" --an IRRESISTIBLE combo of kesong puti, mozzarella and parmesan; with the other half "Margherita" flavored-- yummmmmmy with tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto and basil. And we downed the whole pie in 15 minutes tops, just the two of us.

So much for whole wheat evangelization. Tonight, I blog as a semi-penitent backslider.

The name of our 18-inch reward+retribution: Sandy's Pizza. We visit this nemesis of ours about a couple of times a month. Normally on weekends, with friends in tow. This evening was unlike any other. The weekday craving for their mouth-watering white pizza was just too concentrated, it became difficult to ignore. All it took was one text from me to the hubby...one question bearing the littlest of details -- "Sandy's pizza?" and before we knew it, we were seated on that small patio, waiting for our pie.

Pie. Funny that it rhymes with die. Well, that pizza we devoured was, indeed, to die for-- figuratively if you're a pizza lover, and quite literally if you're an over eater. We ordered our pizza in the largest size possible, and our gluttonous appetites helped us ingest all of it in record time. It was pretty much a desecration of Sandy's White and Margherita pizzas and we really should've apologized -- to the clerk who was shocked to see that we had no pie left to take home, and to ourselves, Mr. & Mrs. Life-is-too-short-to-not-be-eating-healthy circuit riders. Needless to say, we drove home nauseated from all the cheese, grease and dough in our innards. And It took us well over a couple of "voting" visits to the toilet to lessen the guilt. So nope, no happy consequences to our daft and off-sched tryst...only a wickedly loud afterthought that starts with "what the ......"

And this is why Sandy's Pizza is our "nemesis" of the moment. The dining experience is almost always too rewarding to pass up . It's so addictive it can shake the foundations of even the staunchest dieters. At this point, I say give it a try... but for heaven's sake, eat it in moderation...18-inch pies are NOT meant to be shared by just two people! ;-)

This next bit is off topic but on cue. Sandy's super famous brother Gabby came out with a self-titled album under Warner Music Philippines. It hit gold two short months after its release... a perfect accompaniment to the symphonic flavors of Sandy's golden pizzas! (<-- that's if you like listening to OPM love songs while eating pizza) :-D


LV ICONS - Porte-Documents Voyage

>> Tuesday, November 4

Sharing with you some literature (a little bit of history matched with amusing fiction) on the stuff that dreams are made of-- the Icons of Louis Vuitton.

Kennedy Airport, New York, February 1989

Sitting back in the yellow chequered cab, on a seat with enough room for three other passengers, he clung firmly to his soft Porte-documents Voyage. The contract it contained would soon change the face of the entire business world. He had worked very little himself on this unprecedented merger, having simply been entrusted with tying up a few secondary questions, but it was he who had been given the responsibility of safely delivering the original documents. He caught sight of a street sign through the misted-up window. Two legendary words: Wall Street. His destiny was unfolding...

The Porte-documents Voyage was originally designed in 1854 as a cover for the cashmere lap rugs used by the drivers of the first automobiles, but its flat, rectangular shape lent itself perfectly to a wholly new function: protecting precious documents against the elements.

(The 11 posts included in the LV ICONS series are excerpts from the ©Louis Vuitton Icons look book released in September 2006; with Photographs by ©Thomas Lagrange, ©Laurent Bremaud, ©Vogue, ©Roger-Viollet, ©Agence France Presse and Words by ©Stephane Gerschel)


LV ICONS - Amazone

Tokyo Kanamecho, Toshima-ku, yesterday afternoon

His contact had arranged to meet him in a Tokyo suburb, at the foot of an escalator in a shopping mall. He had had to learn the names of the stations by heart, and concentration on counting the stops between Yurakucho, his last change, and his destination. He glanced at his shoulder bag, instantly recalling the very first adventure they had shared, in the Brazilian Pantanal, where he had succeeded in photographing a family of jaguars hunting at night. It was a wholly different kind of scoop he be bringing back today.

Originally designed by Gaston-Louis Vuitton to protect the photographic equipment of an explorer preparing an expedition to the South American tropical rainforest, the Amazone bag has been reclaimed by chic young men keen to display their independent spirit. This functional right-angled bag has become an icon of the new urban tribes: today you are far more likely to see it on the streets of the world's great cities than near the river it is named after.

(The 11 posts included in the LV ICONS series are excerpts from the ©Louis Vuitton Icons look book released in September 2006; with Photographs by ©Thomas Lagrange, ©Laurent Bremaud, ©Vogue, ©Roger-Viollet, ©Agence France Presse and Words by ©Stephane Gerschel)


LV ICONS - Papillon

Paris, Champs Elysees, October 2006

She sprang out of the black limousine with tinted windows that the agency placed at her disposal during the collections. If she had been told a few months earlier that one day she would be photographed for the cover of this magazine, she would have laughed. Since then, however, a certain feeling of routine had set in, but she had become a true professional and let nothing show. She was less than three minutes behind schedule, which once again would raise more than a few eyebrows. At the start of her new career-- a few short months ago, but an eternity for top models-- she had decided she would always be on time. Always. This would be her trademark. The makeup artist who'd been brought over specially from Los Angeles must obviously still be asleep. Luckily she had some basic items in her Papillon, so she could do some retouching herself and once again be on time for the show...

As its name suggests, the Papillon draws its inspiration from the etherial appearance of a butterfly in flight. Reissued in the 1960s, it was immediately adopted by couture house models as a minimalist and highly practical handbag, its tubular shape offering instant access to all its contents. This endearing bag will be eternally associated with Twiggy, one of the very first star models.

(The 11 posts included in the LV ICONS series are excerpts from the ©Louis Vuitton Icons look book released in September 2006; with Photographs by ©Thomas Lagrange, ©Laurent Bremaud, ©Vogue, ©Roger-Viollet, ©Agence France Presse and Words by ©Stephane Gerschel)


LV ICONS- Bucket

Shanghai, French concession, October 2017

The young man had looked so sad and solemn when he declared that life in Asia was "no fun anymore". But she was not about to reveal that she was going to continue the evening with another group of friends, her "night family", who had already left their luxury apartments in Repulse Bay and mist-shrouded houses on the Peak for the buzzing Bund, just a few hours' flight away. Pleading a migraine, she had cut short the first part of her evening programme. In her Bucket was the mysterious invitation, the magic pass she would need to get past the rigorous checks she was expecting at the entrance to this new and not yet fashionable club...

The Bucket was launched in the US in 1968 as a shopping bag. In the 1980s it was discovered by Japanese women on the look-out for an original bag that would go well with a kimono, and more recently it has been adopted by sharp-eyed night owls, alert as always to new style trends.

(The 11 posts included in the LV ICONS series are excerpts from the ©Louis Vuitton Icons look book released in September 2006; with Photographs by ©Thomas Lagrange, ©Laurent Bremaud, ©Vogue, ©Roger-Viollet, ©Agence France Presse and Words by ©Stephane Gerschel)


LV ICONS -- Alma

Paris, Place du Trocadero, June 1999

They had arranged to meet on the terrace of a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower. They had met only a month before, in the sun-flecked shade of the Champ de Mars just below. How she loved to stroll through the plane trees. Looking up at the great steel structure, she found herself thinking of the family's huge summer villa by the sea, and the lunches in the cool of the pines edging the beach of grey sand. Somehow she was certain that he would like it too. It amused her to see that a young man, probably about the age of her son, was watching her now. She dipped her hand into her Alma bag, its softness so in tune with her own reverie. She took out her compact and opened it gently. The face she could see in the mirror was familiar, but it seemed more serene than usual...

When the Alma was created in 1934, it was instantly adopted by one of the top fashion designers of the day. A conical parallelepiped, its pure Art Deco lines were reworked in 1992 to make it one of the most emblematic Louis Vuitton bags. The quintessential multipurpose city bag, both roomy and supremely elegant, it is available in several sizes and materials. Always ready to reinterpret an iconic design to add a special touch to a Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear collection, Marc Jacobs called on Stephen Sprouse, and later Takashi Murakami, to create limited editions.

(The 11 posts included in the LV ICONS series are excerpts from the ©Louis Vuitton Icons look book released in September 2006; with Photographs by ©Thomas Lagrange, ©Laurent Bremaud, ©Vogue, ©Roger-Viollet, ©Agence France Presse and Words by ©Stephane Gerschel)

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