Tomato Pesto Mozzarella Sandwich (Quick Bite Series)

>> Wednesday, October 29

Whenever lunchtime finds me in need of a quick fix, I resort to this healthy, satiating and easy-to-prep sandwich. It's the simplest grub to assemble, and in this kitchen of the Culinarily Limited Cook (me), simplicity is key.

Try this at home:
Spread a generous dollop of thick pesto sauce on top of two slices of whole wheat bread
Top one bread piece with three to four slices of red tomatoes
Cover with grated or sliced mozzarella cheese
Sprinkle with garlic powder (optional)

Other optional tasty additions (choose only one of the three):
Crumbled goat's cheese
A pinch of salt
Grated parmesan cheese

Top with the other slice of bread. Grill or toast for 3 to 4 minutes or until the mozzarella has melted and the bread has browned slightly. Enjoy!


What Makes This House A Home

>> Friday, October 24

The mess ahead for this merry maid
The little details that never fade
The gifts of old and new alike
The space for all his vintage bikes

Our love for music, noise and noise
His lack of cabinets for toys
Our racks for shoes and clothes to boot
My shock to match his daily loot

The art to cover up our junk
The real need for real trunks
The treasure that might be trash to some
...are the whats to why this house IS home

bar of bric-a-bracs

The living room's "before" shots... "after" still in progress

Jimiroquai's music room. He loves to sing... on time and out of tune

Some of our art pieces on display...

(Rain Song by Patrick de Veyra)
(a 1971 piece by Cesar Buenaventura)

(counter-clockwise from top right: vintage Japan art #1, #2,#3,
Pen & Ink piece by Bert Gallardo)


Whole Wheat & Grain Evangelization

>> Thursday, October 23

Tried and tested. If you want to lose excess pounds or maintain a healthy body weight, go wholewheat.

My husband and I made the big switch about a couple of months ago: we went from total devotees of white rice, bread, and pasta to full-fledged wholewheat/whole grain evangelists. We have since lost a combined total of 32 pounds, him losing 2 pounds more than I (but who's counting? :D). The important thing is that my "12 to 10" goal (dropping 2 dress sizes) became a reality; I'm even a size 8 now in some of my favorite fashion brands. I'm actually finally enjoying the normal weight for my height!
The reasons for going whole grain and whole wheat are simple:

  • Whole wheat holds the vitamin B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and fiber that are lost in the process of "60% extraction" -- the method used in producing bleach white flour.
  • The dietary fiber in whole wheat is key-- it is a fact that individuals who consume the most dietary fiber from whole grains are 49% less likely to gain weight compared to those eating foods made from refined grains.
  • ALL studies on clinical nutrition underscore the importance of choosing whole rather than refined wheat to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • We lost the surplus weight with little physical effort to none at all! For real.
So next time you're in the grocery, instead of buying white bread, pasta or regular flour, opt for the whole wheat brands. Instead of going for your usual white rice, try out an organic whole grain RED or BROWN rice variation.

They may be slightly more costly, but you can't put a price on the long term health benefits that come with them.

Equally as important as going whole grain or whole wheat are the following tips that illuminate the road to truly good health:

  • Cut down on your beef and pork consumption. If you can take them out of your diet completely, you'll feel AND SMELL better in no time!
  • Juices, sodas, coffees are empty calorie drinks. "Empty calories" mean you're better off not having any. Choose fresh fruit drinks/smoothies instead.
  • Drink purified water, not distilled (<--high acidity. Cancer cells thrive on the acidic!)
  • Milk for cereals? Go non-fat or try Soy Milk as an alternative
  • Eat a lot of FISH, VEGETABLES, and FRUIT. This doesn't need much explaining. Just know that they're good for you so eat them already. Besides, they're CHEAPER than pork and beef, ya?
  • I haven't really "processed" this last bit but it's a known fact that CHEESE has very high sodium content so, we should know what to do with that information by now. :D
  • Must-read!!!! Click on this

Surf the net. There are a million other ways to eat and get healthy... now get!


Lysol on Pledge

>> Wednesday, October 22

I discovered recently that Pledge orange scented furniture polish and Lysol (aerosol) in its original lemon scent make for a good combination when cleaning wooden furniture. I found this out when I used Pledge on the cupboard door and topped it with Lysol afterwards. I wiped the area dry after each application, so it's not a direct mix but a layer of Lysol on top of the Pledge. The result? a nicely polished, pleasantly fragrant and germ-free surface that I am very pleased with. Started using the duo on the rest of my wooden furniture in fact. :)


Metro Manila's "IT" Mobile Bar

>> Sunday, October 19

Holding a party at home or at a favorite venue? Add "umph" to your gathering with a professional bar setup!

Mobile bar services abound in the metro and as easy as it is to just host parties at a club, having a mobile bar assembled in your own backyard is now but a short, painless phone call away.

The name to remember is Booze Mobile Bar. Run by a staff of professional bar and flair tenders, Booze is fast becoming one the most sought after mobile bars for hire in Metro Manila. Here's why:

~Booze customizes each bar setup to suit their clients' individual tastes and whims.

~This team's service is reasonably priced despite the notable fact that you will never find them
serving second-rate or below standard spirits.

~Nothing says "stylish" more than presenting your very own signature brew at a party and Booze specializes in doing just that!

...these are just few of the many reasons that make this mobile bar a standout. Booze adheres to high benchmarks of quality. This is apparent in their list of top-of-the-line products, their noteworthy roster of very satisfied clients, and their crazy schedule that sees them forever booked, like it's Christmas all year round!

...I'll end this with a friendly, "spirited" advise. Schedule your appointments with Booze Mobile Bar and finalize your bookings WELL IN ADVANCE. That's the only way you'll get them to mix drinks for you at your party! (Don't say I didn't tell you so)

Oh and one last thing-- Martini Bars at parties are my absolute guilty pleasure! Call Booze, look for Patch and ask about Martinis!


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