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>> Monday, August 9

My Swarovski crystal blender poses as subject of the day.
as macro as my iphone camera would go


Freds in Autumn

new season = new reason to visit



quaint & comfortable

curious objects and collectibles adorn the
wall right next to our table.

Dinner for two...
Cream of Squash Soup
price: P120
verdict: good!

Frutti di Mare pasta
price: P280
verdict: ok but nothing spectacular

Parmesan crusted White Fish
price: P280
verdict: a lot of their regulars love this but my hubby and
I found it a tad too greasy for a baked dish

freshly baked white bread accompanied the pasta

CBK Red Iced Tea
price: P50
verdict: I prefer Taters' red iced tea. This one's so-so
Scarlet Cake
price: P160
verdict: I'm a chocolate lover... so... wrong choice of dessert
for me ;p however, it was pretty good. Not too sweet,
reminiscent of a slice of (what felt like) carrot cake
covered in rich creamy frosting...

Cook Book Kitchen
Contact them for queries
Tel 724.3595 / 381.5935
verdict: would we go back there? yes... but not too often :)


Waisted Wisdom

Spa day reads.

"Another reason to skip the pasta: Being fat causes your brain to shrink, say University of Pittsburgh researchers. Scans of 94 older people revealed that the brains of the overweight were 4 percent smaller than those of healthy-weight people; in the obese, they were 8 percent smaller. Excess weight restricts blood vessels and lung capacity, depriving the brain of oxygen, says study author Paul Thompson, PhD. The result is a prematurely aged brain."

I wonder if my diet has anything to do with me feeling less and less... smart.

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