Fred Perry Raf Simons Collaboration AW09

>> Monday, August 24

formula of a fev'rish follower:
deeper devotion = sleeker style ;-)

Click on the image above to view the fabulous Fred Perry - Raf Simons AW 09 collection.


A Lovely Blog Award

My dear blogger buddy, the gorgeous Lizzie, gave me my very first blog award recently and I couldn't be more thrilled =) Thanks a bunch, Lizzie!

I am now tasked to tag 15 bloggers to present the Lovely Blog Award to... thing is, ALL the blogs in my roll are LOVELY (that's why I exchanged links with them!) so I am left with no choice but to bestow everyone on the third muse's roll with the much celebrated...

Know that your sites are well appreciated, friends! Cheers and have a wonderful week ahead!


Your Photos on Postcards!

I'm plenty interested in this next bit: transforming any of my very own photos into postcards (or greeting cards, even) in time for spreading the season's holiday greetings! I've been dabbling in photography for a short while now and I got excited with the idea of sending out cards featuring some favorite pictures to family and friends. (sample image for a post card below):

While it's true that there are a lot of local traditional printers near my area, most of them will charge an arm and a leg to produce custom greeting and postcards for small-project clients as myself. So I decided to add "umph" to my personal supplier listing by looking for cost efficient yet professional printers who can partner with me throughout various creative processes.
If you search online for top quality, yet low cost (alternative to traditional) printing services, you'll find PS Print Printing -- a leading printing company that does business cards, stickers, custom postcards, greeting cards, posters and more. It's quite simple to set up a customized greeting/postcard at this site. It's as easy as selecting your product of choice, reviewing your order, uploading your files, previewing and approving the final study.

I've been recommending it to friends who plan on having wedding announcements, Christmas cards, and other event invites printed out (note that this is a great, cost-effective marketing solution as well) because this printing service's pricing, compared to most traditional printers, aren't as high, plus they have strict standards when it comes to quality control. They also boast of on-time delivery, expert mailing services and customized mailing lists, covering print, design, and mailing needs faster than your average printer. Visit the site now and find price cuts on some of their products being offered -- Post card printing is currently on sale!

That's unmatched online convenience for us hobbyists. It's an awesome way to turn holiday photos, travel shots, family and pet portraits, and nature shots to cool post cards or greeting cards.

To check out the quality of their products, order PS Print's free sample kit. It contains a variety of printed samples, a paper sample guide, and other helpful information you'll need to get started.

Expect a PS Print invite from me to Facaderato's first ever photography exhibit... coming soon! (when I have the budget, that is. heheh) ;-)


Fred Perry's New Slimfit Shirts

>> Monday, August 10

Slim fittin' Freds made my husband's heart go a-thumpin'
--question is... will he actually fit into them? ;-)


Fred Perry Autumn 2009 Collection

New season. New collection. New reason to visit FredPerry dot com.

Click on the image above to view Fred Perry's exciting Autumn '09 collection


NIN Facaderato feature

>> Thursday, August 6

I may have been severely displaced at the NIN concert last night but that didn't stop me from "capturing the cusses" (hahaha)

Check out Facaderato to view more images from the show.


Super Moist Chocolate Cake

Guilty. This back slider's hooked on the real moist chocolate cakes of Hungry Pac...But I try my best to keep the cravings to just once every couple of months. (yeah, right.)
This sinful treat is purchasable at 3 packs for P120... of my favorite chocolate fixes. No, I don't urge anyone to follow suit. Stick to whole wheat and say no to too much sugar.
You know what's good for you. ;-)

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